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John tanner and is replaced with a getaway driver called tk. Parallel lines that set a chronological story that the player follows and understands themselves as the narrative and storyline of the game progresses. Parallel lines a reanimated vision of dead gta ideas, with virtually no personality of its own. The only way well achieve this goal is if everyone pitches in together to help us grow. The game was released on march 14 march 17 in europe, 2006 on xbox and playstation 2 consoles by atari, wii and pc on june 26, 2007 june 28 in europe by ubisoft. Trainers cosmos requests queue boards rewards support we. It is a departure from previous titles in the series that focused on multiple cities, as the game takes place in new york city, within the periods of 1978 and 2006.

The map appears as a prominent sidefeature in driver. Take part in an adrenalinepumping story line of doublecross and revenge set in the new york underworld. Driver parallel lines is to the 70s what grand theft auto vice city is to the 80s. Parallel lines is the fourth in its series and we see the departure of the main character of the series. Savegame for driver parallel lines the game done 100%. Prison bus when i was doing the jail break mission, i. Ati radeon 85009000x families,nvidia geforce 34fx67 families geforce 4mx not supported. How to take a helicopter or aeroplane driver parallel.

Stop a vehicle go up to the driver on the left hand side of the door and shot the driver until they move into the passenger side dead the victon becomes confused with the vehicle get in the vehicle drive off and then press triangle to dive out of the vehicle. Both eras included in the game have distinct styles of vehicles, although a few of the 1978era cars do show up in 2006, and the cars from 2006 can show up in 1978 by using the all cars cheat code, however all cars in from 1978 are all accessible in shop in 2006. Driver parallel lines gsdx dx11opengl sw cars randomly. How to take a helicopter or aeroplane, driver parallel lines questions and answers, playstation 2. Pick up your driver parallel lines pc copy from green man gaming today and remember to sign in for our best price. Not only did reflections improve the onfoot controls which includes a new targeting system for the weapons, but they also decided to bring the series back to its roots, focasing more on driving.

Due primarily to some controller issues, the majority of the obscenities will be coming not from your tvs speakers but from your own mouth. The game takes a lot of inspiration from games like gta with car controls and gunplay. Finally the chopper goes down and the mission is accomplished. Go to the driving game section then get a high score. Parallel lines has the perfect mood, atmosphere, setting, sounds, and interactions to make you feel like you are truly in the game. Parallel lines 2007 download best savegame files with 100% completed progress for pc and place data in save games location folder. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. With brian bloom, rodney saulsberry, dave walsh, michael cornacchia.

An 18 year old driver in new york city 1978 is set up and sent to prison for 28 years by his partners. A map is an ingame feature used for navigation and diagrammatic representation of an area. Circuit races are races that occur at each of the three garages on the dedicated circuits. This game may not be the best free roam tps mission game, but i loved it when i had it before and its still one of those games. Corrigan get to the safe house of corrigan as fast as possible.

Missions, also known as jobs, are a prominent feature in driver. Parallel lines is due out on ps2 and xbox in earlytomid 2006. But hey, at least its alive after driver 3, youd have put good money on the whole. Driver parallel lines mission the mexican video dailymotion. Parallel lines cheats are designed to enhance your experience with the game. Pulsepounding, nonstop driving action with hollywoodstyle car chasing experiences. Dual time periods experience new yorks gritty underworld as the most lethal wheelman for hire in the both the 70s of the past and the modern times of. Parallel lines game, and involve certain instructions lead to unlock new things in the world. Cand somebody give me a link for this game for free pc. Parallel lines brings back actiondriving games, and gives you the chance to live out hollywoodstyle car chases. Driver parallel lines trailer xbox ps2 wii pc windows video game. Actually this game is sequence of driver series and its part 4, its imitate gta little bit but i think this one is more sophisticated vujjan at 20070917 15.

This trainer may not necessarily work with your copy of the game. At each garage, there are three difficulties for these races. Parallel lines final mission corrigan, recorded in high definition. All characters portrayed are quite interesting, and their voice acting is outstanding. A map is an interactive guidance screen, showing the area in which the game is set, it displays important features, like missions and side missions, cops and goons, and garagessafe houses. Parallel lines mission 17 the mexican for complete lists of all the games ive uploaded, please visit. Parallel lines is the fourth video game in the driver series. Although based on real automobiles, all vehicles in the game are fictious, and are given fictitious names. Our main goal is to provide as much information as possible on every single driver game ever made. Parallel lines is set in 1978, the same year the movie the driver was released, which was also the movie that had inspired the driver series. Anyone have luck at running the game in 1920x1080 resolution. The parallel lines suffix refers to new york in two time periods.

The menu is available extra all weapons and maximum ammo almost all cars pumped, some nitrogen. Parallel lines using our cheats submission form and well post it up in. Parallel lines is the fourth installment in the driver video game series. Parallel lines is an entirely new story with over 30 diverse mission as well as onthefly minigames such as destruction derby and cops and robbers. Song suffragette city 2012 remaster artist david bowie. It seems reflections brought in some metrosexual gameguidance counselors after driv3r, as your avatar isnt a toughtalking tanner, but a hippy androgynous waif with girl hips called tk. Discover tk, a driver for hire and free from conscience. You can make a difference and have a huge impact just by helping us in any way possible. Diverging from previous driver games, parallel lines takes place in just one city, new york city, instead of multiple cities, but in the middle of the story you. Where 4 is concerned, it made its predecessors look boring. Parallel lines is a great improvement from the dissapointing driv3r. Parallel lines is a mediocre gta clone with a dull storyline, secondrate gameplay, and subpar control.

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